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  1. Don Quilici says:

    Hi, just checked out the website and what a trip down memory lane- Sam and my father (Gino Quilici) started lifting together when in their teens. Dad went on to represent the MAC, his picture still hangs there. We loved all the Loprinzi’s, Joe spoke at Dad’s funeral. I worked out there 50 years ago and had the great pleasure of having Sam there then.

    Keep up the good work! Nice to see the place is still a “real” workout club.

    Don Quilici

  2. Joe Greco says:

    My dad is Pedro in this picture. Dad changed his name to Gus when entering into World War II. My dad, his siblings, and all the Loprinzi cousins where an awesome generation. I have only great memories of this family.
    Dad used to take me to the gym to see family. This generation served as real example to me and the rest of their family. They are missed and loved by their family and friends.

  3. Shannon Havener says:

    I think these gym shots are great–I am 62–have had my own home gym for years–used to have a small gym I ran for a few years devoted to bodybuilding/powerlifting–I am a collector of physical culture items , so I am well aware of Loprinzis Gym–there was a shot of the gym in the book Business is great by Stan Mann–it is great to still see a gym like this around –the solid dumbells are great along w/ the equipment that has been used for years–Sam was a great bodybuilder when he competed–true physical culture in its day–Keep It Up !!!

  4. Sandra McPherson says:

    What a joy to see my late father-in-law, George Pavlich, on the far right in this photo. I remember meeting several Loprinzis at George’s daughter’s wedding…their shirts were open to show their beautiful & earnest bodies. You should look at this photo of the Herculean Trio on Walter Pavlich’s book cover. George is facing the camera, and I think at least one of the other men is a Loprinzi. The photo is pre-WWII. –Sandra McPherson, Davis, CA

  5. The portrait of the Herculean Trio can be found on maximumbook [dot] org. The book is ONGOING PORTRAITS by Walter Pavlich. There are several poems in it about George Pavlich. George’s own home gym is also described in Walter’s RUNNING NEAR THE END OF THE WORLD, in the poem called “In the Basement of Weights.” Both books can be found used on Amazon. –Sandra McPherson

  6. Kerby Strom says:

    Ken Patera trained there. ‘NUFF SAID!!

  7. Tom Wulzen says:

    4491 Gordon Scott( who was from Portland), Sam, and Steve Reeves!

  8. Paul van Veen says:

    Brilliant old school awesome collection of machines, benches free weights. Inc to go to a place like this that does not have PC tv sets full of CNN etc everywhere and some dude one legged balancing on a ball doing one armed curls with 5 lb dumbell next to a squat rack, Ala 24hr fatness ctr

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