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Willamette Week, Headout: Stickin’ With It

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  1. Michael Cowderoy says:

    Back in the middle 1960’s when I was visiting from Seattle with my Grandmother who lived a couple a blocks away, I would workout there and got to meet both Joe and Sam. They took to me because at the age of 14 I was bench pressing well over 200 and thought I had potential, they gave me some good tips that I still use today. This was and is a great gym.

  2. Dion (Dee-on) says:

    Hi there, My name is Dion Powell and I’m a Fitness Studio owner out here in California. I will be in Portland for business and would like to come by your gym, and perhaps meet the owner. My son will be attending Portland state next year, and I plan to visit him; but while i’m there, I’d like to get my workouts in. Great website, i’m looking for a website designer right now…and i was wondering also if you would highly recommend the company you used to build your site, or did you do it yourself? Anyway…sorry for the long message, and I hope to hear back from you. My instagram and facebook names: coachpowell42

  3. John O’Connor says:

    What name you should never forget Donal O’Connor I mean stay at the princess gym from the mid 60s to the mid-70s Mr. Oregon past 40 Mr. pacific northwest past 40 I’m sure Sam would remember him

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